Why I Love the Brijuni Islands

September 27, 2020

Are you one of those who likes the bad or the good news first?  I’ll start with the bad, so I can leave you with the good.  The sad truth is that the Brijuni islands have been in better shape than they’re in today. When I was here as a child, the pastures were greener,  … Read more

Vaganac stream

Nikola Tesla’s Birthplace – Where It All Began

June 12, 2019

Or How Small Places Make for Big Dreams of Exceptional People Deep in the vastness of the green fields of Lika, where green pastures are interlaced with the occasional sign of karst terrain of limestone rocks, lays the bucolic Smiljan, where Nikola Tesla was born. Smiljan is a tiny village situated just a few kilometres … Read more

Cheese in Croatia

June 6, 2019

Tastes of Nature, Tradition and the Good, Old, Simple Life The variety of cheese produced in Croatia reveals a centuries’ old fusion of influences and local knowledge, but also the resourceful and creative mindset of local inhabitants. With a production of 35 000 tons of cheese in Croatia per year, the overall production seems poor … Read more

A Winter Trip to the Krk Island

April 2, 2019

Across the Bridge We Go Krk island is connected to the mainland via The Krk bridge (Krčki most) one can access just a little bit south of Rijeka, the coastal town in Kvarner bay. If you’re reaching Rijeka by plane, you’ll set your feet on the Krk island first, as this is where Rijeka’s airport … Read more

Chiavalon: From a Small Olive Tree Yard to the World’s Top-Rated Olive Oil

February 27, 2019

Not many people know that Flos Olei, the globally leading market expert for olive oils based in France, has named the Croatian region of Istria the best olive oil region in the world for the third year in a row. While there are plenty of family-owned olive oil producers that continuously deliver olive oil of … Read more